Increase Your Impact

Marco Polo Channels is a video-first coaching platform that helps you expand your business while keeping the authentic personal connections you've built with your members.

Early Access is Closed

A better way to connect with your members

As a coaching platform, Marco Polo Channels cuts through the noise, putting you directly in front of your members.

Authentic face-to-face interaction
Connection on your own time
Members can respond and engage
Communication that fits your busy life
Available on iOS and Android

Your content takes center stage

No ads, no algorithms

Marco Polo Channels is an easy-to-use app that lets you interact with your members comfortably and peacefully.

Scale without increasing your time

Post when it's convenient. With asynchronous videos, your members watch at their leisure.

Billing and member management

Marco Polo Channels handles billing and member management for you, which allows you to focus on the things that matter most.

Inspiring Leaders Love Channels

“I’d been looking for a way that I could coach people personally, but on a large scale. Channels provides an easy way to do a subscription and to monetize quickly, while still feeling very personal. And it cuts through all the noise. My audience goes to the app, and they’re going for me. There’s nothing else taking away their attention.”

Michelle Gifford
Michelle Gifford Creative

“Marco Polo Channels is a safe and purely positive zone for participants to learn and grow. In a lot of ways I see my Channel as a microcosm of what our world needs to be, where we’re able to share, offer feedback, ask questions, and have unifying conversations.”

Pamela Gray Daniel
Coaching for Authentic Allyship

“Marco Polo Channels lets me post messages in the exact moment they are most alive. This allows me to be incredibly real and revealed with my Channel subscribers, which deepens the intimacy, learning, and growth of all involved.”

Leah Pearlman
Inside Coaching

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