Marco Polo Channels Presents:
The Evolution of Online Coaching

Tuesday, June 22 • 11:00am PST

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Featured Panelist: Tracy Pleschourt,
Certified life and weight loss coach

Online coaching is rapidly evolving. This past year has accelerated a number of consumer trends creating new dynamics that are changing the industry.   Join us for a panel discussion to explore the latest trends, tools, and strategies that are helping these leaders leverage these changes into business growth opportunities.

Meet the Panelists

These leaders used changes in consumer behavior to power real growth for their business.

Michelle Gifford

Brand strategist and business coach Michelle Gifford has built a growing business targeting influencers and emerging “momtrepreneurs”.

Brenden Durell

As an emotional health enthusiast, Brenden guides his community to live a life filled with peace, power and pleasure. He coaches through Traditional Tantra and is a breathwork and cacao ceremonialist.

Brittney Stefanic

As a sleep educator and business coach, Brittney’s business helps families around the world in finding sleep solutions.

Tracy Pleschourt

Certified life and weight loss coach Tracy Pleschourt, founder and “She-E-O” of Self-Made U, guides clients toward health, wealth, and lives they love.

At this session, the first in a developing series, you’ll get real world insights on the rise of video-based coaching

How consumers’ new expectations are changing the landscape of online coaching
Learn about new and emerging best practices in video-based coaching
Discover how changing perceptions of social media are creating new business opportunities
Tuesday, June 22
11:00am PST
Free to attend. Limited space available.
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